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Lil Diamonds Activewear, a fun, clean, sporty look and feel to celebrate the beginning stage of youth baseball and all who make up this glorious journey!

Lil Diamonds Activewear represents the bond between the great game of baseball and the beauty, passion and collaboration of ambitious youth baseball players, dedicated parents and committed coaches.

Spring Collection

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    A copy of Lil Diamonds should be made available to young players and parents. Coaches should echo what its author says about how the game of baseball should be practiced and played by our young kids. Learning the fundamentals, yes. But doing it in a fun and encouraging way! Parents and coaches need to take heart what Lil Diamonds offers as they give to their kids the wonderful game of baseball.

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    Lil Diamonds should be required reading for coaches and parents of any children being introduced to the game of baseball. This is a straightforward book; baseball for beginners and it goes through the game position by position, making the fundamentals crystal clear. More importantly Hammonds explains how to make baseball fun and easy. These simple coaching methods, emphasizing patience and a love for children, as well as a love for the game.

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    I was looking for a baseball book that taught the basics and I found Lil Diamonds. I'm a mom of 4 kids and I wanted to be sure I was teaching my kids the right way to play baseball (boys) and softball (girls) using drills and being consistently consistent with them while practicing to give them an edge on the field. If you have a young child that is starting out or you want them to play better or if you are coach, buy the book! There's no better information than from a former professional baseball player!

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